What is Train my hr

Maybe you have crossed the line of a small size business, you’re not a startup in its very early days anymore. You have promoted a person to represent you as HR, having both administrative and recruitment tasks. Or maybe you have hired an HR person with some experience, but you still see the person struggling fulfilling his/her role.

We know, we’ve all been there. Things don’t have to remain the same and just wait for that person to train by him/herself. I.M HR with its administrative, recruitment, people organization and development knowledge and skills, can assist you, by couching and mentoring each step of the way.

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Staffing issues

Hesitant hiring decisions

Endless mentoring

Organizational culture shortfalls


Just the right person for the job and your company

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What can you expect from this program?

We first assess the person’s competences and skills, personality, then build an HR development plan. Following the plan, regular meetings to evaluate the execution and outcome, will put your HR on a fast track of becoming a professional HR person, and more so, a strategic inside partner for you.

How long does it take to get my HR up to speed?

Depending on the person’s experience and willingness to learn in a fast paced environment, we can predict from the very start how long till he/she will fulfil different milestones we lay out. Also, depending on the organization’s size and need of recruitment, that person should require more or less help. Everything is planned and tracked, so both you and your HR know each step of the way where you stand.

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