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Attracting and recruiting top talent is key to any organization’s success. If you don’t have the right employees – then your business cannot and will not prosper. Our goal is to help you hire your next, best employee. We are equipped with state-of-the-art, industry-specific assessment tools to help you achieve your recruiting objectives.

I.M HR combines advanced cloud-based technology with experienced recruitment specialists to deliver both project-based and continuous recruitment services. Whether you need to quickly staff an entire department or conduct a careful search for just one key position, we can help you recruit the best possible talent for your business.

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Wasted days

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Endlessly reviewing CVs

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More about our Select & Recruit service

How is the process of recruiting going to work for me?

Our team works side-by-side with you to formulate a recruiting structure, implement a strategic advertising plan and establish a consistent and compliant selection process. This way you only spend time considering the most qualified talent. The ultimate decision is solely yours, but made having a solid argument behind it.

What are the steps of setting up the process?

From helping establish an employment brand to coordinating interviews for hiring managers, Recruitment Process Outsourcing is an end-to-end service that takes on all of your recruiting responsibilities.

Step 1

  • Evaluate and assess your organization
  • Recommend process improvement
  • Determine Recruitment Process Outsourcing process flows

Step 2

  • Determine job requirements and responsibilities
  • Conduct employment branding interviews
  • Determine manager training agenda and timeline
  • Establish applicant roadmap

Step 3

  • Behavioral interview and process training for hiring managers
  • Present, approve and launch employment branding concepts
Will I have continuous support in the recruitment process?

For every position, you’ll have a team of recruiting specialists working for you. This allows us to distribute the work so multiple recruiting processes can happen simultaneously, creating a seamless experience for both you and your job candidates.

What type of positions do you generally fill?

Any position open in your company that just needs replacement, or you just found that you need to open a complete new one, could be filled with the help of our specialised recruiters.

We customize the search based on your company’s needs to ensure a perfect fit for any and all positions in any and all industries:

  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Information Systems and Technology
How do I know that I made the right decision of who to hire?

We conduct different tests and appraisals to make sure that the candidate checks all the soft skills and hard skills as required, from different language spoken and communication fluency, to computer literacy and technical knowledge. We can use your own tests or our own, developed with industry experts.

What if I see that the new employee is not a right fit for my company after a while?

I.M HR will conduct thorough research to find the best candidates to fit the profile of your job description and consult with you each step of the way to draft a short list. The interview of the approved candidates could be held with our specialists present, so you have a second layer of consultation after the interview. After choosing your next employee, we can draft together the induction process that he/she will have to follow. There’s a full month of working together in which you will know for sure that the new employee is well integrated in your company’s culture, understand his/her role and is truly engaged in performing to the best of his/her’s abilities.

What if I see that the employee I just hired is not motivated?

One of the bigest challenges of a manager is to have people that are well trained, well paid but not motivated to put in the work. This is a fine balancing act between changing the status quo of all employees in the same department or the entire company if it’s a small business and pushing them to outperform themselves. But first, you need an analysis of your staff to determine which is the direction you need to apply.

What should I measure to know if my employees are motivated and performant?

As in any other aspect of your business, you should start with envision the large objective of your company, then reverse engineer and breakdown into individual tasks according to the specific requirements, and assign those tasks to specific people within your organization. Next step is to develop concrete measures or KPI’s to benchmark people against these tasks. Analyzing continously on the task given you will know if your staff is motivated to put it the work or not, and make the appropriate changes, or performant or not and also take the appropriate actions.

I.M HR can help you define these set rules from the ground up, measuring precisely whether it’s people motivation and determination to outperform or anything else in your organization that you need to consider changing.

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