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Employer Branding Storytelling

Employer Branding Storytelling, or “Time for your company to shine” as we like to call it, is the most cost-efficient way of attracting and engaging people outside of your company. Meaning future employees, but could mean other companies as well, interested in finding out about your organization, culture etc.

Our objective is to create more awareness around your brand, a point of attraction for those who are very much internet savvy. We focus on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

NO More


Few or no applicants

Wasted opportunities


Just the right person for the job and your company

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Why is it important for my organization?

It’s like you have a beautiful heart, but nobody, not even around you, knows about it. 

How does it work?

Through Employer Branding we create a virtual communication tunnel between your company and the outside world, and we let the viewer have a peek inside.

What can I expect you will do to improve my organizations' ?

Your upside is that you will create a community of people around your brand, interested in anything you tell on the internet, people that may apply for jobs, when available. Also, you will improve your retention with more engaged and happy employees. As they say, “Happy employees, productive employees”.

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