What “is Choose your colleague”

Whether you need to recruit someone really quick without the hassle of pre-screening endless resumes, call to qualify that the people you liked are the “real deal”, or you just don’t have the time to do it and postpone until you can’t grow your business without that “someone”.

We have probably met that “someone” already. To meet them, all you need to do is watch our “Monthly Wall of Fame”.

Our Candidates Wall of Fame

Save Your Sanity And Look At These Candidates

Each person on this wall has been prevetted and assessed by us. They are prepped and ready to go. Everyone on this wall is worth looking at. And in doing so you can save yourself a lot of time and effort. 


ALEXANDRU, 28 ANI Account manager în telecomunicații, experiență vastă în vânzări B2B, făcând legătura dintre cercetare și generare de management și vânzări. Profesionist cu experiență în interacțiunea cu funcții de nivel de top din IT&C și Telecom. În ultimii trei...
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Ionut, 38 ANI Inginer constructor, foarte motivat să înceapă proiecte de construcții pentru a le finaliza cu succes. În ultimii 16 ani a fost implicat într-o gamă largă de proiecte de construcții exterioare de clădiri și design interior, dovedind o mare capacitate de...
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Ionut, 38 YEARS OF AGE Construction engineer, highly motivated to start construction projects in order to complete them succesfully. For the past 16 years has been involved in a wide range of projects involving exterior buildings and interior designs, showing great...
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ALEXANDRU, 28 YEARS OF AGE Account manager telecom, extensive B2B sales background, closing the gap between research to lead generation and sale. Experienced professional in interacting with C-level positions in the IT&C and Telecom. For the past three years has...
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More about our Choose your colleague service

How does "Choose Your Colleague" work?

Every month we put three people that we just adore onto our “Wall of Fame” list. We have interviewed and hand picked them from a variety of industries, they are specialists in their fields and presented themselves with the WOW factor. So being thorough, we verified their WOWness and “voala”.

There we have our “Wall of Fame”. All you need to do now is choose your special someone and contact us. 

You can select and recruit faster, smarter, “cherry picking” from a mountain of resumes we already have screened, interviewed and validated as being the most qualified and most likely to be a role model for others in your business.

Why should I look at this page every month?

Our recruiters, with years of experience in Psychology or Sociology, have a trained eye for great valuable people and when they find the absolute best, they are ready to show off and showcase these incredible discoveries.

It’s not everyday “exceptional” walks through the door. And we want you to have exceptional.

Why should I hire anyone from this short list?

Because the winners of the “Monthly Wall of Fame” are already validated as the best in their industry and role. You know they are looking for someone like you, and lastly the hiring process is much more affordable than headhunting.

When we use phrases such as “Wow” and “Exceptional” you better believe we mean it. 

Finally, these candidates will not be around long. They will be snapped up quicker than a black friday offer. 

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