What is Borrow HR

Borrow HR was born out of the sheer desire of I.M HR to cater in the best way possible to our clients, and doing so at a very reasonable price.

The service is tailored to any requirement and any company, by simply providing  the expertise and knowledge base of our HR recruiters and function as your own HR recruiter for as long as you consider you need them, be it project based or long term, to fill in multiple positions.

NO More

Frustrating interviews

Endlessly reviewing CVs

Overhead expenses

Hiring headaches

Just the right person for the job and your company

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Why do I need this service?

If your need to hire new people or replace people is happening every so often, and you believe you or someone else in the organization are wasting time and effort, or maybe you just don’t want to be bothered with pre-screen hundreds of candidates, profile them, coordinating for interviews and filter through all of them, then you are in need of someone to do it for you. If your company doesn’t have an HR in-house or that person is just overwhelmed with work and can’t deliver the volume of candidates you’re expecting, then this is the ideal service for you.

What do I get by borrowing HR?

Borrow HR is intended to make the best use of the Psychologists or Sociologists experts we have on staff, by developing a thorough recruitment plan, draft job description and candidate profile according to the role, company culture and expectations in terms of performance. The aim is to match close to ideal, the job opening to the people interviewed and tested, so that in the end you will get the best employee without the hassle of burning yourself out.

How does it work? What do I need to do?

First and foremost we need you to describe exactly how you picture the ideal person for the role, in great detail, tell us what the job entails, benefits and compensation, give us access to the recruitment sites you have used, as you would share this information with your own hr team.

Then we will coordinate things behind the scenes so that the next step for you is to approve the short list. The goal here is to have an informed and educated idea of who to hire.

Will the process be transparent?

You will get regular status reports with the number of resumes screened, phone calls made, interviews scheduled and specific dates and the status of each of the finalists.

Also, the number of hours worked on the project will be clearly shown, making the whole recruitment process both cost efficient and transparent for you.

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