Ionut, 38 YEARS OF AGE

Construction engineer, highly motivated to start construction projects in order to complete them succesfully.
For the past 16 years has been involved in a wide range of projects involving exterior buildings and interior designs, showing great capabilities in managing difficult situations while inspecting the execution areas.

We were taken by his:
Great passion for constructions
Innovative thinking
Flexibility to learn new things every day
We highly recommend him for:
Construction engineer
Project Manager

Core Competencies

  • People Skills 85%
  • Organisational Skills 79%
  • Management Experience 92%
  • Technical Abilities 88%
  • Industry Knowledge 77%

Skills Ratings

  • Adobe Suite Knowledge 93%
  • SEO & Online Marketing 65%
  • CSS & HTML 88%
  • Sales & Lead Capture Design for Funnel Marketing 95%
  • Content Creation 80%

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