The Challenge

We’ve put IMHR out there. We’ve been looking for you and here you are. Now, before we can start working for you, you need to make a choice. To recruit IM HR or not?

We believe you are a star and have the potential to do great things. We have found that more often than not sometimes you just need a little help perfecting your personal brand and a lot of help getting companies to pay attention.  We understand that a job can either make you or break you, leaving your spirit down, your character beaten and your career hanging on by a thread.

We take on the challenge of matching you with a company that will help you evolve and prosper. A company that allows you to feel that your work has purpose and meaning. A company that supports you.

It’s not an easy task and we don’t always get a perfect fit but we strive to deliver this for everyone who comes through our doors.

The Solution

We believe is teamwork. We could never reach the stars on our own so let’s get to know each other and take this journey together.

First Step, send us your resume using our web form. Simply complete it and upload your resume.  Alternatively you can follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn where you can always write to us. You’ll find those links at the top of the page. Having got in contact, we’ll run through all our job openings that best suit your talents and schedule an appointment for us to meet.

Second Step, we discuss your passion, your dreams and what you would like to achieve. We are looking to find out what it is that you love doing. The goal would be that at the end of the discussion we can share with you some details about the amazing companies offering opportunities that match up with your desires. Basically, let you know what we have in store for you.

Your happiness is another reason for us to smile! And we smile a lot.

Still not convinced? How’s these for some numbers

Interviews is what we have done

Months in the HR field

Happy employees placed

So! Send us your resume or check out our latest jobs

Our Wall Of Fame

If you want, you can also be on our Candidates wall of fame. “What is it?”, I hear you ask. Our wall of fame is the select few candidates that have come to us and gone through the entire recruiting process. Essentially we have done everything other than sit you down for a final interview.

Being on our wall of fame, or striving to get there, allows us to present you to our clients. In some cases, bypassing some of the normal procedures a company would follow. Why? Hiring people sucks up a lot of time and cost in the hopes the right candidate has applied for the job. If you’re on the Wall Of Fame, you are pretty much ready to go, the client just needs to give a thumbs up.

Better for you and better for them. We love when everyone wins! Ask us more details, and find out what your advantages could be.


Sunt multe, ​prea ​multe motive pentru care incurajez companiile cu care colaborez sa ​investeasca​ ​imaginea lor digitala sau​ Employer Brand​ing​-ul lor. Unii nu stiu cum, altii nu au timp, cert este ca tot mai multe firme vor​ si asta ma bucura​. Insa imi este atat...


Sunt multe, ​prea ​multe motive pentru care incurajez companiile cu care colaborez sa ​investeasca​ ​imaginea lor digitala sau​ Employer Brand​ing​-ul lor. Unii nu stiu cum, altii nu au timp, cert este ca tot mai multe firme vor​ si asta ma bucura​. Insa imi este atat...


ALEXANDRU, 28 ANI Account manager în telecomunicații, experiență vastă în vânzări B2B, făcând legătura dintre cercetare și generare de management și vânzări. Profesionist cu experiență în interacțiunea cu funcții de nivel de top din IT&C și Telecom. În ultimii...


Ionut, 38 ANI Inginer constructor, foarte motivat să înceapă proiecte de construcții pentru a le finaliza cu succes. În ultimii 16 ani a fost implicat într-o gamă largă de proiecte de construcții exterioare de clădiri și design interior, dovedind o mare capacitate de...


Ionut, 38 YEARS OF AGE Construction engineer, highly motivated to start construction projects in order to complete them succesfully. For the past 16 years has been involved in a wide range of projects involving exterior buildings and interior designs, showing great...


ALEXANDRU, 28 YEARS OF AGE Account manager telecom, extensive B2B sales background, closing the gap between research to lead generation and sale. Experienced professional in interacting with C-level positions in the IT&C and Telecom. For the past three years has...
  • Of those who have crossed the threshold we have recommended at least 1 other person in search of job 58% 58%
  • Of the candidates did not expect to find a job for their desired remuneration package 70% 70%
  • People did not expect us to call them for feedback 95% 95%
  • Of employed candidates will send us messages or pictures from a job that has brought a Monday smile. 83% 83%

The Results Were Amazing because you're amazing

We really enjoy every morning, when in our first 15 minutes of work, we delight in reading your daily feedback. That mixed with a huge cup of coffee paints a big smile on our faces.

So thank you! You brighten our days!

Let’s Be Friends


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Even if we are connected on social media, we never say no to a CV sent by email. WE promise we will take a good care of it, and read it carefully. Now, you’ll notice we haven’t put our email address here. That’s for our protection and yours.

What we have provided, which will email us, is a secure and safe form with which you can “email” us your CV.  We truly look forward to seeing your CV and starting our journey together.

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