Account manager telecom, extensive B2B sales background, closing the gap between research to lead generation and sale.
Experienced professional in interacting with C-level positions in the IT&C and Telecom.
For the past three years has been involved in wholesale telecom trading, working with telecom carriers across the globe, on different time zones.

We were taken by his:

His adaptability to new challenges, flexibility to learn new things every day, excellent customer approach and understanding, objective driven, relentless in reaching sales targets and team goals.

We highly recommend him for:

  • Senior Sales Consultant, any product or service from mid level to high level complexity
  • Account Management
  • Managing sales teams

Core Competencies

  • People Skills 85% 85%
  • Organisational Skills 79% 79%
  • Management Experience 92% 92%
  • Technical Abilities 88% 88%
  • Industry Knowledge 77% 77%

Skills Ratings

  • Adobe Suite Knowledge 93% 93%
  • SEO & Online Marketing 65% 65%
  • CSS & HTML 88% 88%
  • Sales & Lead Capture Design for Funnel Marketing 95% 95%
  • Content Creation 80% 80%

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