Always thinking outside the box, we use our creativity and boldness to give you a personalised HR service with each experience

Forward Thinking

Brainstorming and planning is our second nature, so you will have the best ideas at all times, independent of the requirement

Problem Solvers

Having your best interest in mind, you can be sure we will not stop until you are satisfied completely with the outcome

HR Gurus

It has been said to us that we are HR Gurus, and although we like practicing modesty, our expertise in the HR area gratifies us in our efforts to support our customers

I.M HR, A synopsis

We are a small, young and energetic group of people driven by the desire to out deliver the expectations of our customers, continuously innovating the recruitment process and performance of the people we hire.

With a team of certified HR specialists on staff, I.M HR has a wealth of knowledge and experience that we can draw on to create custom solutions for your business. That expertise, combined with our many available tools and resources, allows us to deliver proven HR solutions designed to not only help your business become more efficient, but more profitable as well.

I.M HR provides recruiting services through identifying open position in any organization, identifying the candidate profile that could best suit the firm, interviewing and selecting the best opportunities, presenting a short list and then preparing candidates for the role.

Also, the services of I.M HR consists of organizational diagnosis and development, fine tuning the organizational charts, training and coaching to improve their performance and motivation, assisting each step of the way with promoting staff and employer branding.

We bring the Human back into HR for business success

We work for your business to achieve amazing results but with the understanding that your business is built, in part, on the shoulders of those who work in it.  

We embrace the traditional and the new but most importantly we empower your business to be everything it can be. 

The following video demonstrates a small part of who we are and what we can help you with. 

The 'I' in I.M HR

The 'I' in I.M HR

Chief Executive Unicorn - Ioana Petrea

Ioana is the heart and soul of I.M HR. She is our resident ‘Quack’ and brains of the operation. Her life is dedicated to people and businesses and making sure she finds the right match. If Ioana was a match maker, all her matches would be married… Wait, she is a match maker, the Unicorn match maker. 

Don’t take our word for it, she has the qualifications and experience to back it all up. Just check out her Linked Profile.

The </code> in Awesome

The </code> in Awesome

The Digital Guy - Nick Betsy

From Google to applying conceptual ideas to the real world, pretty pictures, brand ownership and pretty much anything digital, Nick is the go to guy. 

His wide range of skills are matched with his vastly diverse experience and only surpassed by his never ending verbal diarrhea, which we might add is well worth listening to. He really knows his stuff. 

I.M Hr rockstars

I.M Hr rockstars

Recruiters team

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals, Psychilogists by trade, with abilities in people assessment, social media. Every member of our team is able to understand any recruitment requirement and apply the best and newest interview tactics, for a complete candidate overview. Using psychlogy our team determines whether the candidates are a good fit for your business, and provide with a comprehensive report with their strenghts and improvement needed.

Adrian Mitu

Adrian Mitu


Adrian is an all round ADHD type character. He has boundless energy and a true passion for his craft. Aside from being a great photographer his day job requires serious skills and a real professional demeanour. 

Adrian is our friend and we owe him a huge thank you for taking his time out to capture some of the images you see throughout our site, thereby making him an honarary member of our team. 

You can see more of his works here at 

The 'M' in i.m hr

The 'M' in i.m hr

Executive Machinist - Mr. M

Mr ‘M’ is the the secret source for all things organisational and development. Always softly spoken and charming, he has a friendly attitude towards businesses and processes. When he walks in the door, prepare to get your engines started because his genius is building businesses with the people at the heart of them. Mr ‘M’ will rock your world.