“I.M HR mission as a recruitment and people enabler organization is to match the best candidates with the most suitable roles within amazing companies, while developing people skills to bring added value for their companies”

What can you expect from I.M HR

We have in mind your best interest when selecting and hiring your future staff or for your future job role, so that you don’t have to worry about low performance or culture misfit. One of the differentiatiors from our competition is that our team consists of Psychologists or Sociologists specialised in HR. We are convinced that by applying the best guidelines and our human expertise, we can identify and recommend only the best people for the organizations we partner with. The only thing for you to do further, is to apply or receive the induction process related to the role.

We love to see you laughing, to see that you enjoy working in a great atmosphere, surrounded by people like you, that embrace new challenges and roles. We love when we receive your feedback of the great job we did. Because we CARE about YOU!

Businesses! Schedule your free consult

Sometimes it’s just easier to talk to someone face to face or over the phone, to explore the many options you face in front of you. If you need a consultation to explain your businesses needs and to better understand all the ways our services benefit your company, we are more than happy to ablige. we would love to meet you and see how we can support your business.

Apply for your dream job

The best advice we offer candidates is, “Don’t wait, act today.” Put yourself out there and make your dreams happen. The best part about it, is that you are not alone. We are here to help and guide you in finding your perfect match. Remember, it’s about finding a company that compliments you and vice versa.

Why choose I.M HR for your needs

Whether we’re referring to selecting and recruiting, headhunting, executive search, people assessment or any other service we provide in the HR area, every aspect of each project is dear and important to us. We enjoy working with you and we consider each project we take on as a fresh start for us, and deploy our very best to make you happy.

We are people centric

Yes, by definition human resources is about people. What makes us different is that we take this a step further and focus on the human part of HR.

We apply a psychological approach to matching people to roles. Achieving a better, long term fit for everyone and ultimately yielding far better returns for the company.


Timely deliverables

We appreciate your time as being of the essence. Therefore, we will not hold back and save any effort in the process that we have set up, to make sure we deliver according to your standards as fast as we can.

Consultative services

Important for us is you! So we will first need to identify your needs, concerns and wants and plan accordingly, be flexible with your budget and work towards accomplishment on your expectations. We never see things only in black and white. Our mindset is we love Monday’s and see everything colourful.


We are perfectionists by default. So you will always get an informed answer to your question, matching to the profile applicants, an in-depth list with personal skills and profile of the applicant, a full report and regular status update on the progress.

The Core of I.M HR

Knowledge base

Our staff are continuously training on the newest technologies and apply the newest interview and assessment tactics so that you benefit from anything new in the marketplace. Also, with the ever changing labor legislation we are constantly aware of the modifications that might interest you and we inform you accordingly.

Industry Trend Setters

We strive to be the best in what we do, match great employees with companies that deserve them, so we always innovate our processes to complement the ever changing and dynamic business environment, be it through non-conventional interviews to assess and present companies with a holistic candidate perspective or improve business performance through better HR programs.

Psychologists As Staff

We pride ourselves of hiring eminent Psychologists for the selecting and recruiting process, auditing the staff in any organization, so you can benefit from using what they have learned and apply what they love studying.

HR issues identification and solution finders

We realize how tough it can be for you to find yourself strained and in unknown waters, so we assess your business and HR function first, present you with the our solutions and then execute upon them.

  • Find It – Fix It

What We Provide

We offer a wide range of services that are targetted to specific objectives. Click on each item to learn precisely how you can benefit from each tailored option.


Come see what our clients, we prefer partners, have to say about us. Our business is all about you and the people you work with. Our successes are founded on your success. We work tirelessly to nurture and maintain the relationship we share with you and your teams.

Super Inspirational

“The moment i met Ioana i could feel her positive energy and enthusiasm. She was full of joy and passion about her job.”

the missing piece

“Relocating to Romania was difficult for me. I didn’t know many people and trying to find a job when you don’t even speak the language can be literally painful.”

Our Candidates Wall of Fame

Save Your Sanity And Look At These Candidates

Each person on this wall has been prevetted and assessed by us. They are prepped and ready to go. Everyone on this wall is worth looking at. And in doing so you can save yourself a lot of time and effort.


Sunt multe, ​prea ​multe motive pentru care incurajez companiile cu care colaborez sa ​investeasca​ ​imaginea lor digitala sau​ Employer Brand​ing​-ul lor. Unii nu stiu cum, altii nu au timp, cert este ca tot mai multe firme vor​ si asta ma bucura​. Insa imi este atat de ciuda atunci cand intru in companii si vad cat de misto este la ei si...


Sunt multe, ​prea ​multe motive pentru care incurajez companiile cu care colaborez sa ​investeasca​ ​imaginea lor digitala sau​ Employer Brand​ing​-ul lor. Unii nu stiu cum, altii nu au timp, cert este ca tot mai multe firme vor​ si asta ma bucura​. Insa imi este atat de ciuda atunci cand intru in companii si vad cat de misto este la ei si...


ALEXANDRU, 28 ANI Account manager în telecomunicații, experiență vastă în vânzări B2B, făcând legătura dintre cercetare și generare de management și vânzări. Profesionist cu experiență în interacțiunea cu funcții de nivel de top din IT&C și Telecom. În ultimii trei ani a fost implicat în vânzări en gros în telecom, lucrând cu operatori...


Ionut, 38 ANI Inginer constructor, foarte motivat să înceapă proiecte de construcții pentru a le finaliza cu succes. În ultimii 16 ani a fost implicat într-o gamă largă de proiecte de construcții exterioare de clădiri și design interior, dovedind o mare capacitate de a gestiona situații dificile în timp ce realizează inspecția zonelor de...


Ionut, 38 YEARS OF AGE Construction engineer, highly motivated to start construction projects in order to complete them succesfully. For the past 16 years has been involved in a wide range of projects involving exterior buildings and interior designs, showing great capabilities in managing difficult situations while inspecting the execution...


ALEXANDRU, 28 YEARS OF AGE Account manager telecom, extensive B2B sales background, closing the gap between research to lead generation and sale. Experienced professional in interacting with C-level positions in the IT&C and Telecom. For the past three years has been involved in wholesale telecom trading, working with telecom carriers across...

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